• Cotton Drawstring Bag
  • Cotton Drawstring Bag

Cosmetic Packing Cotton Drawstring Bags

Bag Size – 15 W x 20 H – cm & (Any size could be customised)

Handle- Self Fabrics Cotton Handle

Material & Thickness – Cotton Fabric

Printing Way – Eco-friendly, Non- toxic, Reusable, washable

MOQ – 500 Pcs

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Cosmetic packing cotton drawstring bags are versatile and convenient options for packaging and storing beauty products. Here’s what you can expect from these bags Material: These bags are typically made of soft and lightweight cotton fabric, which is gentle on your cosmetics and provides a natural and eco-friendly packaging solution. Cotton is also durable and easy to clean, making it suitable for long-term use.Drawstring Closure: The drawstring closure allows for easy opening and closing of the bag, providing quick access to your cosmetics while keeping them securely stored inside. It also helps prevent items from falling out or getting lost, making it ideal for travel or storage.Customization: Cosmetic packing cotton drawstring bags can be customized with logos, designs, or branding, making them perfect for promotional giveaways or gift packaging. Adding a personalized touch can enhance the overall presentation and create a memorable experience for recipients.


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