jute wine bags with wooden handles

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Material:Bag Fabric: Made from high-quality, durable jute fabric, these bags offer a natural, eco-friendly solution that aligns with sustainable values.Handles: The wooden handles add a unique, rustic touch, providing a sturdy grip and a visually appealing contrast to the jute fabric.Size & Capacity:Typically designed to hold a standard wine bottle (750 ml), these bags come in various sizes to accommodate different bottle shapes and types.They may include reinforced stitching to securely hold heavier bottles.Design & Customization Many jute wine bags feature a simple, elegant design, allowing the natural beauty of the jute and wood to stand out.Customization options may include logo printing, screen printing, or embroidery, making these bags ideal for branding, promotional gifts, or events.Versatility:While primarily designed for wine bottles, these bags can also hold olive oil, specialty vinegar, or similar-sized gourmet items.Their rustic yet elegant appearance makes them suitable for gift-giving, party favors, and corporate events.Sustainability:Jute is a biodegradable, renewable resource, making these bags an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use gift packaging.The wooden handles add another eco-conscious element, contributing to their sustainable design.



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