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  • mesh Drawstring Bag
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  • mesh Drawstring Bag

Mesh Drawstring Bag


Bag Size – 22 W x 30 H X – cm & (Any size could be customised)

Handle- String Handle

Material & Thickness – Mesh Fabric

Printing Way – Eco-friendly, Non- toxic, Reusable, washable

MOQ – 500 Pcs

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A mesh drawstring bag combines the functionality of a drawstring closure with the breathability and visibility of mesh fabric. Here’s what makes them useful:Breathability: The mesh design allows air to circulate freely through the bag, which is particularly useful for items that need ventilation, such as sweaty gym clothes or damp swimwear. This breathability helps to prevent moisture buildup and odors.Visibility: The transparent nature of mesh fabric allows you to easily see the contents of the bag without having to open it. This makes it convenient for quickly locating items, whether you’re searching for a specific piece of clothing in your gym bag or trying to identify items in your luggage.Lightweight: Mesh drawstring bags are lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around when empty and minimizing added weight to your belongings when full. This makes them ideal for travel, outdoor activities, or everyday use.


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mesh Drawstring Bag Mesh Drawstring Bag


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