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  • Cotton Drawstring Bag
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  • Cotton Drawstring Bag

Drawstring Pouch With Logo For Jewellery

SKU: Cotton Drawstring Bag -5

Bag Size – 13 W x 18 H – cm & (Any size could be customized)

Handle- Self Fabrics Cotton string

Material & Thickness – Cotton Fabric

Printing Way – Eco-friendly, Non- toxic, Reusable, washable

MOQ – 500 Pcs

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drawstring pouches with logos for jewelry can add a touch of elegance and branding to your products. Here’s how you can go about it:Choose the Right Material: Select a high-quality material that complements the aesthetic of your jewelry. Cotton muslin, velvet, satin, or organza are popular choices for drawstring pouches. Consider the texture, colour, and feel of the fabric to ensure it enhances the presentation of your jewelry.Design Your Logo: Design a logo that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. Keep it simple, recognizable, and scalable to fit on the pouches. You can create the logo yourself using graphic design software or hire a professional designer for a polished look.Select Pouch Size and Style: Determine the size and style of the drawstring pouches based on the dimensions of your jewelry pieces. Consider whether you need pouches for individual items or sets. Choose between pouches with a single drawstring closure or double drawstrings for added security.Customize the Pouches: Work with a manufacturer or supplier who offers customisation services for drawstring pouches. Provide them with your logo design and specifications for the pouches, including size, material, color, and any additional features such as lining or embroidery.


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