• Round Cosmetic Bag
  • Round Cosmetic Bag

Round Cosmetic Bag


Bag Size – 20 cm Round Shape  & (Any size could be customised)

Handle- Self Fabrics Cotton Handle

Material & Thickness – Cotton Fabric

Printing Way – Eco-friendly, Non- toxic, Reusable, washable

MOQ – 500 Pcs

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A round cosmetic bag offers a unique and stylish alternative to traditional rectangular or square-shaped bags. Here’s what you can expect from a round cosmetic bag:Design: Round cosmetic bags typically feature a circular shape, providing a distinctive look that stands out from conventional designs. This shape allows for efficient use of space and makes it easy to access items stored inside.Construction: These bags are usually made from durable materials such as fabric, leather, or synthetic materials. They may feature a zipper closure to keep your cosmetics secure while on the go.Size: Round cosmetic bags come in various sizes to accommodate different storage needs. You can find compact options for storing travel-sized items or larger bags for carrying a more extensive collection of cosmetics.Organization: Despite their unique shape, round cosmetic bags often include interior compartments, pockets, or dividers to help you organize your makeup essentials neatly. This ensures that your items remain easily accessible and prevents them from getting tangled or damaged during transport.


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Round Cosmetic Bag Round Cosmetic Bag


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